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God's People Sing!

God’s people sing! They always have and they always will. What is it that makes us sing? What causes words to be lifted out of simple prose and simple speech and launches them toward heaven with a melody? It is the sheer overflow of our hearts! Our songs spring from the intensity of emotion and conviction that cannot be contained. When we praise we sing from our hearts, whether we’re good at it or not. But that doesn’t matter. Because even if you have no training or can’t carry a tune in a wheelbarrow, when you sing praises to our almighty father, it is beautiful to him.

Hallelujah, a common phrase often heard in worship, means praise Yahweh. Yahweh is God’s personal and intimate name that revealed His special covenant relationship with His Children. So Hallelujah means praise God.

What a privilege to be a child of God! How exciting and what a joy to know he loves us from the minute we’re conceived throughout eternity! Lord we praise you today and forever.

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