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Attitudes about Gratitudes

We have often proclaimed ourselves to be a little church with big heart. This month we had the opportunity to act on that with a Thanksgiving Food Drive. We collected 153 pounds of food, including two 15 pound turkeys, 3 large cans of yams, multiple baked goods box mixes, and a carton of ramen cups. We donated enough food for at least two families to have a full Thanksgiving feast (including dessert) this year to The Refuge in Greenwood.

Donations began with nonperishables stored at the church. The final amount donated included some frozen and perishable items as well, including a Kroger gift card to buy any other needed items.

People quickly began bringing in non-Thanksgiving specific foods as well, including a box of ramen cups, powdered milk, cooking oil, pasta and sauce, as well as spices and other cooking basics.

This Thanksgiving season, and as we move into the end of the year where it is so easy to be overwhelmed with responsibilities, obligations, and just stuff, take a moment to prepare your attitude about your gratitude.

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