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God is Still Here

Written by: Tracy T. Weeks

This morning as I was driving to work, I was captivated by the beautiful full moon shining so brightly. It was right in front of me for most of my drive in.

As I got closer to work, some very thick clouds moved in quickly and overtook and completely obscured the moon. I was amazed at how something that had been so big and bright just seconds before was now completely invisible.

How frightening it can be when something that was so clear to us just disappears. Sometimes life gets so clouded that it feels like God has disappeared. But He hasn’t. He won’t. Not ever.

Even though I couldn’t see it through the clouds, the moon was still there. Even though it’s daylight now and it’s completely gone from my view, it’s still there, pulling the tides and keeping the earth’s rotation stable.

Even when I can’t see God. Or feel Him. Or hear Him. I can be absolutely certain that He’s still there. He’s still working things out. He’s moving mountains that I didn’t even know were there. He’s pulling tides.

If you can’t see God right now, hold on. Eventually, those clouds are going to move on past and He’ll be shining down on you brighter than ever. Then you’ll see that He never left you. He never will. Not ever.

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